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Warren Beatty Biography

Birth Name:

Henry Warren Beatty

Date of Birth:

March 30, 1937

Birth Place:

Richmond, VA


Washington-Lee High School, Arlington, VA
Attended Northwestern University


Annette Bening (1992 - present)


Kathlyn (daughter) - born in 1992
Benjamin (son) - born in 1994
Isabel (daughter) - born in 1996
Ella (daughter) - born in 2000

Famous Family:

His sister is Shirley MacLaine

Famous Romances:

We're going to link you to the Who's Dated Who website because frankly we don't want to risk carpel tunnel syndrome typing out all the names and also because all those beautiful women on one page is quite a sight to behold.

Big Break:

After off-Broadway and television appearances (Milton on Dobie Gillis) Warren Beatty got his first movie lead in Splendor in the Grass with Natalie Wood.

Starmaking Role:

Bonnie and Clyde

Biggest Hit:

The movie that made the most money was Dick Tracy but we think Bonnie and Clyde belongs as his biggest movie and Reds was his best.

Career Low:

The very definition of the word movie flop, Ishtar, although Town & Country lost even more money.

Tabloid Moments:

Years of being Hollywood's biggest womanizer.

Side Jobs:

Political Activist

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Dick Tracy ( Dick Tracy ):

"Is the enemy of my enemy my friend, or is the enemy of my friend my enemy?"

What song is rumored to have been written about Warren Beatty?