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Keanu Reeves Biography

Birth Name:

Keanu Charles Reeves

Date of Birth:

September 2, 1964

Birth Place:

Beirut, Lebanon. But spent most of his childhood in Canada.


Dropped out of high school to pursue his acting career.


Never been married.


Ava Archer Syme-Reeves was delivered stillborn in 1999.

Famous Family:

His ex-step-father is Broadway director Paul Aaron

Famous Romances:

Has dated Sandra Bullock, Carrie-Anne Moss and Claire Forlani.

Big Break:

Fellow hockey player Rob Lowe got Keanu a small part in the hockey movie Youngblood.

Starmaking Role:

Officer Jack Traven in Speed

Biggest Hit:

The Matrix movies

Career Low:

Sweet November - winner of three Razzie Awards

Tabloid Moments:

Was arrested for drunk driving in 1993.
In 1999, a daughter he was having with girlfriend Jennifer Syme died a week before the baby's due date. Two years later, Jennifer was killed in a car accident.

Good Works:

Is very charitable and has been quoted as saying that he gives most of his money to charity. Is especially generous to cancer research as his sister is fighting leukemia.

Side Jobs:

Rock Star - has been in two bands: Dogstar and Becky.

Quintssential Quality:

Quiet and quirky - as evidenced by both his off-beat film roles and un-traditional lifestyle.

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Street Kings

Neo ( The Matrix Reloaded ):

"Choice, the problem is choice."

In which movie does Keanu Reeves lead two different lives?