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Katharine Hepburn Biography

Birth Name:

Katharine Houghton Hepburn

Date of Birth:

May 12, 1907

Birth Place:

Hartford, Connecticut

Date of Death:

June 23, 2003 in Old Saybrook, Connecticut


Kingswood-Oxford Day School, West Hartford, Connecticut
Bryn Mawr College


Ogden Smith (1928 - 1941)



Famous Family:

Katharine Hepburn is a descendent from the passengers of the Mayflower.

Famous Romances:

Spencer Tracy, John Ford, Howard Hughes

Big Break:

A Hollywood Scout saw her on Broadway and brought her to Hollywood.

Starmaking Role:

Morning Glory brought her the first Oscar.

Biggest Hit:

On Golden Pond

Career Low:

A Woman Rebels

Comeback Vehicle:

The Philadelphia Story

Tabloid Moments:

Long time love affair with the married Spencer Tracy
Voted Box Office Poison in 1938

Good Works:

Lent her name to many social causes throughout her life.

Quintssential Quality:

The unconventional beauty.

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Little Women

Eleanor ( The Lion in Winter ):

"How many years? Suppose I hold you back for one. I can. It's possible. Suppose your first son dies, ours did. It's possible. Suppose you're daughtered next, we were. That too is possible. How old is daddy then? What kind of spindly, ricket-ridden, milky, wizened, dim-eyed, gammy-handed, limpy line of things will you beget?"

Katharine Hepburn was only billed below another actress a single time in her 60+ year career - who was the actress and what was the movie?