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Julia Roberts Biography

Birth Name:

Julia Fiona Roberts

Date of Birth:

October 28, 1967

Birth Place:

Smyrna, GA


Attended Georgia State University


Lyle Lovett (1993 - 1995)
Daniel Moder (2002 - present)


Phinnaeus and Hazel (twin son and daughter) - born in 2004
Henry (son) - born in 2007

Famous Family:

Brother - Actor Eric Roberts
Niece - Actress Emma Roberts

Famous Romances:

Benjamin Bratt, Jason Patric, Kiefer Sutherland, Matthew Perry, Daniel Day-Lewis, Dylan McDermott, Liam Neeson

Big Break:

Mystic Pizza

Starmaking Role:

Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman

Biggest Hit:

Pretty Woman

Career Low:

I Love Trouble

Tabloid Moments:

Broke-up with fiance Kiefer Sutherland three days before their wedding and ran off with his best-friend Jason Patric.
Ex-wife of current husband went public with accusations that Julia had broken up their marriage.

Good Works:

Supports UNICEFF and gave $1 million to the Red Cross after the 9/11 tragedy.

Quintssential Quality:

That megawatt smile and that infectious laugh.

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My Best Friend's Wedding

Katherine Watson ( Mona Lisa Smiles ):

"This is all they're really doing here, isn't it? They're just biding time until SOMEBODY proposes!"

What did Julia Roberts' character do for a living in My Best Friend's Wedding?