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Harrison Ford Biography

Birth Name:

Harrison Ford

Date of Birth:

July 14, 1942

Birth Place:

Chicago, Illinois


Maine East High School - Park Ridge, IL Class of 1960
Attended Ripon College in Wisconsin


Mary Marquardt (1964-1979)
Melissa Mathison (1983-2004)
Calista Flockhart (2010- present)


Benjamin - 1967
Malcolm - 1987
Georgia - 1990

Famous Family:

Both of his parents were former actors. His ex-wife Melissa Mathison wrote the screenplay for E.T.

Famous Romances:

Dated Lara Flynn Boyle and Minnie Driver.

Big Break:

Worked as a carpenter for George Lucas who cast him in American Graffiti

Starmaking Role:

Hans Solo in Star Wars: A New Hope

Biggest Hit:

Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies

Career Low:

Six Days and Seven Nights

Tabloid Moments:

His divorce from Melissa Mathison was one of Hollywood's most expensive.
1999 crash of helicopter he was piloting.

Good Works:

Board member of Conservation International

Side Jobs:

Trustee of The Archaeological Institute of America

Quintssential Quality:

the Hero, sometimes reluctant, sometimes wisecracking but always the Hero

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Crossing Over

John Book ( Six Days, Seven Nights ):

"Let's be reasonable about this. You're not gonna come down here and be my co-pilot and I'm not gonna go to New York and be your receptionist. Let's not complicate things."

What kind of car did Harrison Ford drive in American Graffiti?