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Fred and Ginger - The Original Dancing Stars

Fred Astaire is known the world over as one half of the greatest dance team of all-time - Astaire and Rogers. It is interesting to note that of his nearly forty movies, only ten co-starred the graceful Ginger Rogers. Paired together for the first time in 1933 in Flying Down to Rio (a movie neither one was the star of) a classic Hollywood partnership was born. Fred Astaire was a reluctant participant in this Silver Screen duo though. He had spent much of his Vaudeville years paired with his sister Adele in a dancing act and was eager to perform on his own. But his RKO bosses saw box office gold and for a nearly a decade, Fred and Ginger would only appear on-screen together in a series of now classic musicals. Fred Astaire left RKO in 1939 and with the exception of the "reunion" movie The Barkelys of Broadway in 1949, Fred and Ginger would never again dance across the big screen.

We've compiled some classic moments from all ten of these musical gems ... please enjoy.

Flying Down to Rio - 1933

The Gay Divorcee - 1934

Roberta - 1935

Top Hat - 1935

Follow the Fleet - 1936

Swing Time - 1936

Shall We Dance? - 1937

Carefree - 1938

The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle - 1939

The Barkleys of Broadway - 1949

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Top Hat

Peter P. Peters ( Shall We Dance? ):

"I told you, I haven't even met her. But I'd kinda like to marry her... I think I will."