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Fred Astaire Movie Quotes

Here are a few of our favorite movie quotes from Fred Astaire.

Dick Avery (Funny Face):
"He's about as interested in your intellect as I am."

Tony Hunter (The Band Wagon):
"Did you ever try spreading ideals on a cracker?"

Don Hewes (Easter Parade):
"Why didn't you tell me I was in love with you?"

Bake Baker (Follow the Fleet):
"I don't often try to apologize, 'cause I seldom make any mistakes."

Guy Holden (The Gay Divorcee):
"Chance is the fool's name for fate."

Guy Holden (The Gay Divorcee):
"Pining? Men don't pine. Girls pine. Men just… suffer."

Jerry Travers (Top Hat):
"All is fair in love and war - and this is revolution."

Ted Hanover (Holiday Inn):
"A gentle smile often breeds a kick in the pants."

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Second Chorus

In which movie was Fred Astaire's famous "dancing on the ceiling" number?