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Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography

Birth Name:

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger

Date of Birth:

July 30, 1947

Birth Place:

Graz, Austria


University of Wisconsin-Superior, Undergraduate degree in 1979
Honorary doctorate in 1996


Maria Shriver (1986 - 2011)


Katherine (daughter) - born in 1989
Christina (daughter) - born in 1991
Patick (son) - born in 1993
Christopher (son) - born in 1997

Famous Family:

Married into the Kennedy Family. Maria Shriver is the niece of John F. Kennedy.

Big Break:

Stay Hungry - won a Golden Globe for Best New Male Star

Starmaking Role:

Conan the Barbarian

Biggest Hit:

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Career Low:

Last Action Hero

Comeback Vehicle:

He'll Be Back

Tabloid Moments:

Accused of groping during run for California Governor. Marriage with Maria Shriver ended when she discovered Arnold was the father of their housekeeper's son.

Good Works:

Founder of the After School All-Stars Program
Spokesman for The Special Olympics
He is on the Forbes Magazine list of the 10 most generous celebrities.

Side Jobs:

Governor of California
Real Estate Investor

Quintssential Quality:

The embodiment of Anything is Possible

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Jericho Cane ( End of Days ):

"We had a difference of opinion. I thought my wife and daughter should live. He felt otherwise."

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