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Angelina Jolie Biography

Birth Name:

Angelina Jolie Voight

Date of Birth:

June 4, 1975

Birth Place:

Los Angeles, CA


Attended Beverly Hills High School


Jonny Lee Miller (1996 - 1999)
Billy bob Thornton (2000 - 2003)


Maddox (son) - born in 2001
Pax (son) - born in 2003
Zahara (daughter) - born in 2005
Shiloh (daughter) - born in 2006
Knox (son) - born in 2008
Vivienne (daughter) - born in 2008

Famous Family:

Father - Actor Jon Voight

Famous Romances:

Currently living with Brad Pitt
Also Timothy Hutton, Colin Farrell

Big Break:

Her first movie role was The Cyborg in Cyborg 2

Starmaking Role:


Biggest Hit:

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Career Low:

Life or Something Like It

Tabloid Moments:

Ups and downs of "blood in a vial" marriage to Billy Bob Thornton
Questions about when exactly she and Brad Pitt fell in love - before or after he left Jennifer Aniston
Every aspect of the Brangelina romance

Good Works:

She gives generously to many charities. It is rumored that she and Brad give away millions each year to worth causes.

Side Jobs:

Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Refugee Agency

Quintssential Quality:

Humanitarian Free-Spirit

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Olympias ( Alexander ):

"In my womb I carried my avenger!"

Angelina Jolie's first screen appearance was in what movie?