Matrix Trivia Test Answers

1. In what year does Neo "wake up"?

2. What is Trinity's exiting phone number in the opening sequence?

3. In what room number of Heart O' the City Hotel is Trinity first found and from which Neo makes his last exit?

4. What is Neo's apartment number in the matrix?

5. What is the name of Neo's customer in the matrix?

6. What is Neo instructed to follow?
The white rabbit

7. Who is Neo's supervisor at Metacortex?
Mr. Rhineheart

8. What is the color of the pill that Neo takes?

9. What is the name of Morpheus' hovercraft?

10. How are Tank and Dozer unique?
They're 100% human.

11. To what does Mouse compare his breakfast fare?
Tasty Wheat

12. What is the name of the last human city?

13. What is Cypher's name in the matrix?
Mr. Reagan

14. To what does Mr. Smith compare humanity?
The virus

15. What translated from Latin is contained in the plaque above the Oracle's kitchen door?
Know thyself.

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The Matrix

Neo ( Keanu Reeves ):
"Déjà vu."

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