James Bond Trivia Test Answers

1. Who was the first vocalist to appear in the opening credits sequence of a James Bond film?
Sheena Easton - For Your Eyes Only

2. What was the first movie that Bernard Lee did not appear in as Bond's boss M?
For Your Eyes Only

3. What was the name of the first Bond movie?
Dr. No

4. Actress Eunice Grayson was the only Bond Girl to appear in two Bond films. She played Sylvia in Dr. No and what other Bond film?
From Russia With Love

5. What was the only Bond film in which 007 does NOT say, "Bond. James Bond."
From Russia With Love

6. What was the only Bond film in which the character of Q did not appear?
Live and Let Die

7. Which is James Bond has the longest running time?
On Her Majesty's Secret Service

8. In which Bond film do we see the evil Blofeld's face for the first time?
You Only Live Twice

9. What was the the first Bond movie that was created directly for the screen and was not based on a Fleming novel of short story.

10. Roger Moore's first appearance as James Bond was in which Bond film?
Live and Let Die

11. Never Say Never Again is a remake of which earlier Bond film?

12. How many times did Sean Connery play James Bond?

13. Which Bond Girl did James Bond marry?
Tracy Drago

14. What actor only portrayed James Bond once?
George Lazenby

15. Richard Kiel appeared in two Bond films as Jaws, Moonraker and what else?
The Spy Who Loved Me

16. The character Felix Leiter appears in seven James Bond films but was played by the same actor only twice. Actor David Hedison played him in Live and Let Die and which other Bond film.
Licence to Kill

17. Timothy Dalton's first appearance as James Bond was in which of the films.
The Living Daylights

18. What was Desmond Llewelyn's character's name in Never Say Never Again?

19. In which Bond did Judi Dench make her appearance as 007's boss M?

20. Pierce Brosnan made his first appearance as Bond in which of the films?

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service

James Bond (Roger Moore) in Moonraker:
"Bond. James Bond."

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