A Tribute to James Bond

You're probably one of those people who think it would be really great to be James Bond. We're here to tell you that it isn't true. We believe it actually must be quite boring. The same things keep happening to him. Over and over and over and over (twenty-one times at last count.) Here's a typical week for intrepid British Secret Agent 007. Perform a death-defying stunt while accompanied by a hip musical score. At the most inopportune moment while relaxing with a beautiful and willing young woman receive a phone call ordering you back to the office. Exchange sexually charged barbs with your boss' secretary. Get your new assignment and a couple of clever crime fighting gadgets. Travel to an exotic location. Introduce yourself (and then immediately have sex with) a beautiful, mysterious and ultimately deadly woman. Engage in a treacherous high-speed car chase. Trade witticisms and carefully guarded threats with an evil bad guy who has dreams of world domination. Sleep with yet another beautiful young woman - this one who also wants to see the bad guy de jour brought to justice. Engage in gun-play with bad guy's henchmen. Get to bottom of bad guy's evil plan. Perform yet another death defying stunt while trying to get rid of bad guy's henchmen. Kill bad guy. Save the world. Relax with a beautiful young woman. Get call from the office and it all begins again. See what we mean? No wonder there have been five James Bonds. No one wants to do the same things all the time. We get to the bottom of this espionage-fighting syndrome in our Tribute to James Bond.


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Bond. James Bond.
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Bond 22 is expected to be in theaters in November 2008. Daniel Craig's back in the tuxedo and Marc Forster of Monster's Ball and Finding Neverland fame is directing. No title yet, but we'll keep you posted.

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A Tribute to Sean Connery
If after making 55 movies over the course of four decades you still get to play the leading man opposite beautiful twenty-something's, we'll give you a Tribute too! For now, Sean Connery is the only one who qualifies under this particular DH Tribute criteria.

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The Man with the Golden Gun

James Bond ( Sean Connery ) in Dr. No:
"Bond. James Bond."

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Who was the first vocalist to appear in the opening credits sequence of a James Bond film?

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