The Bond Villains

Dr. No
Dr. No
Played by: Joseph Wiseman
Profession: Scientist/Engineer
Evil Plan: Destroy the U.S. Space Program
Fate: Killed in a nuclear reactor

Auric Goldfinger
Played by: Gert Frobe
Profession: Wealthy Industrialis
Evil Plan: Destroy gold stored at Fort Knox with a atomic bomb
Fate: Sucked out of plane

Emilo Largo
Played by: Adolf Celi
Profession: S.P.E.C.T.R.E. #2 Man
Evil Plan: Steal two nuclear bombs and hold them for ransom
Fate: Killed by Domino with a speargun

Ernest Stavro Blofeld
You Only Live Twice
Played by: Donald Pleasence
Profession: Leader of S.P.E.C.T.R.E.
Evil Plan: Start World War III
Fate: Escapes capture

Ernest Stavro Blofeld
Majesty's Secret Service
Played by: Telly Savalas
Profession: Leader of S.P.E.C.T.R.E.
Evil Plan: Destroy the world's agricultural economy
Fate: Escapes capture

Ernest Stavro Blofeld
Diamonds Are Forever
Played by: Charles Gray
Profession: Leader of S.P.E.C.T.R.E.
Evil Plan: Force the world to disarm so he can take over
Fate: Escapes capture

Mr. Big
Live and Let Die
Played by: Yaphey Kotto
Profession: International Drug Dealer
Evil Plan: Control the world wide drug trade
Fate: Killed by Bond

Man With the Golden Gun
Played by: Christopher Lee
Profession: Assassin
Evil Plan: Take over the world with solar energy weapon
Fate: Killed by Bond

Spy Who Loved Me
Played by: Curt Jurgens
Profession: Evil Scientist
Evil Plan: Destroy the world by initiating nuclear holocaust
Fate: Killed by Bond

Played by: Michael Lonsdale
Profession: Wealthy industrialist
Evil Plan: Kill the world's population by unleashing deadly gas from space
Fate: Pushed out of space shuttle by Bond

For Your Eyes Only
Played by: Julian Glover
Profession: KGB Operative
Evil Plan: Steal remote missile launcher for Russians
Fate: Killed by Columbo

General Orlov
Played by: Steven Berkoff
Profession: Russian General
Evil Plan: Conquer all of Europe by initiating nuclear war
Fate: Killed by Russians

Max Zorrin
View to a Kill
Played by: Christopher Walken
Profession: American Business Man
Evil Plan: Destroy California's Silicon Valley
Fate: Falls out of plane to his death

Living Daylights
Played by: Joe Don Baker
Profession: International Arms Dealer
Evil Plan: Sell opium to fund arms purchase for Afghan rebels
Fate: Crushed to death

Licence to Kill
Played by: Robert Davi
Profession: International Drug Dealer
Evil Plan: Open up new drug market for cocaine in China
Fate: Burned to death

Trevelyan - 006
Played by: Sean Bean
Profession: Ex Secret Service Agent 006 / Terrorist
Evil Plan: Take over world by rendering all electronic devices inoperable
Fate: Falls to death from tower

Elliot Carver
Tomorrow Never Dies
Played by: Jonathan Pryce
Profession: Media Mogul
Evil Plan: Create WWIII in order to increase his TV ratings
Fate: Drowns

World Is Not Enough
Played by: Robert Carlyle
Profession: Terrorist
Evil Plan: Control the world's oil supply
Fate: Killed by Bond

Gustav Graves
Die Another Day
Played by: Toby Stevens
Profession: Billionaire Diamond merchant
Evil Plan: Invade South Korea
Fate: Killed by the blades of a jet engine

Le Chiffre
Casino Royale
Played by: Mads Mikkelsen
Profession: Banker to the World's Terrorists
Evil Plan: Win a high stakes poker game in order to pay back terrorists money that he stole
Fate: Killed by Mr. White

Mr. White
Casino Royale
Played by: Jesper Christensen
Profession: Terrorist leader
Evil Plan: Get back his stolen money from Le Chiffre
Fate: Escapes capture

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