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Spotlight on Short Round

Character Name: Short Round
Profession: Indian Jones' sidekick
Archetype: The Cute Kid
Portrayed by: Ke Huy Quan
Appeared in: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Big Scene: Driving the getaway car
Classic Quote: Hey lady, you call him Dr. Jones..

Ke Huy Quan Fast Facts

Birth Name: Ke Huy Quan AKA Jonathan Ke Quan
Date of Birth: August 20, 1971
Birth Place: Saigon, Vietnam
Side Jobs: USC film school grad

Ke Huy Quan Indiana Jones Photo Gallery

Use the arrows below to view some pictures of Ke Huy Quan from the Indiana Jones movies.

Short Round Classic Scene from The Temple of Doom

Destination Hollywood Suggests

Jonathan was 12 years old when he made Indiana Jones. One year later he was in another movie that became a cult favorite- The Goonies:

YouTube Fun Feature

We always wonder "what ever happened to" in the case of Jonathan Ke Quan we can find out thanks to this very committed Goonies fan:

Ke Huy Quan Collectibles

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Short Round ( Ke Huy Quan ):

"Hey lady, you call him Dr. Jones."