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Aliens Classic Scenes

Another glorious day in The Corps
Trust me
It looks like love at first sight
This can't be happening.
17 days? We're not going to last 17 hours.
Real monsters
Get away from her you bitch!

Alien Classic Scenes

The First Encounter
Proximity Alert
Abandon Ship
Ash's Special Order
Alien Attributes
How long before the ship blows?

Alien 3 Classic Scenes

The Burial
Cafeteria Introductions
A New Haircut
Up Close and Personal
In the Basement
Ripley's Finale

Alien Resurrection Classic Scenes

Learning New Tricks
Basketball Follies
She's the Latest Thing
Killing Your Own Kind
Previous Encounters
Call's Identity Crisis
A Moment with Mommy

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Hicks ( Michael Biehn ):

"It looks like love at first sight to me."

Who fights to preserve an alien specimen in Aliens?